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All 11 Jul 2023

Amazing amenities, such as well-kept rooftop gardens, are true differentiators

Amenities are what truly set the best high-rise developments apart from all the rest, and even from houses located on the ground.

Luxury high-rise living confers exclusive access to such amenities as rooftop gardens, swimming pools, and concierges. These and other such amenities provide avenues to meet people, develop friendships, pursue wellness, and sleep better knowing that you’re secured 24/7–none of which would be as accessible to those who live otherwise.

And not all amenities are created equal. The best amenities serve as a motivation and an inspiration for you to be the best version of yourself, so that you can live the life you truly deserve.

Rooftop gardens: amenities for the luxury life

A well-managed rooftop or deck garden, for one, is an amenity that embodies true luxury and easily accessible wellness and relaxation. As such, it offers a wide range of benefits. For one, it promotes healthy lifestyles through providing residents, adults as well as children, with an accessible and safe venue for exercise and relaxation. Secondly, a deck or rooftop garden brings a space to life and beautifies the area by being a place where beautiful greenery and head-turning flowers thrive—something that you can enjoy even by just looking at it from your window.

For example, the outdoor deck areas to be showcased by the upcoming Haraya Residences within the Bridgetowne Destination Estate will feature lush expanses of greenery where people can catch their breath and reconnect with nature, exercise, and let their kids play freely. Even in the center of the city, such areas confer direct access to nature—a standout amenity that is one hallmark of true luxury living.