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All 25 Mar 2023

Amenities that inspire


Amenities make high-rise living magical.

They make all the difference in condominium living. With a swimming pool, rooftop garden, or even a concierge, you have avenues to meet people, develop friendships, pursue wellness and sleep better knowing that you’re secured 24/7.

They allow you to maintain lifestyles and relationships which aren’t possible in your typical houses on the ground. Not all amenities, however, are made exceptional. The best ones inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. When looking for a condominium, here are the amenities you should consider to allow you to pursue a great lifestyle.


As the first thing you see upon entering a condominium, a concierge often acts as the gateway to your home. Some receptionists even take in packages for you when you are out. They ensure your privacy and security so you can breathe easily knowing strangers can’t get access to your home.

Great concierges do more than greet guests verbally. Exceptional ones feature awe-inspiring aesthetics to serve as an introduction and set the theme of the rest of the building. In One Shangri-La Place, for example, the concierge is flanked by enormous chandeliers that highlight the high ceilings. Coupled with warm lighting and lavishly finished interiors, these make the concierge an awesome sight to behold.

Urban garden

A garden serves as an oasis in the city. It’s perhaps the most accessible amenity to a building user. Even if you can’t personally visit it, just the sight of greenery from your window already provides you a mental break.

A well-designed landscape also stimulates our senses. A great garden features fragrant plants and eye-catching blooms. One that allows you to run around it in a jogging or cycling path, however, gets you to fully appreciate its beauty.

For example, the upcoming Haraya Residences within the Bridgetowne Destination Estate will feature lush outdoor areas where people can unwind. One can do relaxing yoga under the soft rustling of trees or let their kids run around safely on the greenery. The deck gardens provide a direct connection to nature even in the heart of the city.

Fitness center

Gyms are perhaps the most requested amenity of those interested to live in condominiums.

Offering a venue for people to exercise, fitness centers are perfect for those who can’t totally commit to a gym membership but need to let off steam occasionally. Even if you’re a fitness buff who has easy access to commercial gyms, nothing beats a venue that’s just a few steps away from home. While a treadmill and some yoga mats may do for small exercise rooms, places that offer state-of-the-art exercise equipment can give you a truly exhilarating workout.

One such commendable example of a fitness center is featured in the upcoming Aurelia Residences in Bonifacio Global City. Located on one of the building’s upper floors, the fitness center will offer a comprehensive set of equipment and an amazing view of the city skyline. You can exercise extensively while being surrounded by a panoramic backdrop.

Swimming pool

A sight to behold, swimming pools turn condominiums from mere residences to luxurious resorts. These amenities allow you to bond happily with friends or your family on weekends, or get a great tan in the middle of the week. Often coupled with a Jacuzzi or spa center, the swimming pool is something that will truly make your life in the condominium an enjoyable experience.

In particular, the future Shang Residences at Wack Wack will showcase a breathtaking pool scene. Inspired by resort aesthetics, the condominium is set to feature a gorgeous lap pool flanked by lounge chairs. It’s a great place to retreat to after a hard day’s work.

Play area

While not used by everyone, playgrounds offer life-saving help for parents with active toddlers.

They provide a venue for little ones to let off steam right before a good nap. Not only do they promote great exercise for kids, they also allow children to meet new friends and learn new skills in life.

The Kid’s Zone in The Rise Makati is one example of a great play area. Offering over 280 sqm of safe space for children, it provides an excellent venue for little ones to run or climb to their heart’s content without their parents worrying about sharp furniture or tripping hazards.

Private function rooms

Whether you’re looking to host a meeting or a reunion, a function room surely comes in handy in a condominium. It allows you to invite guests over for a great time or work session without having to worry about limited space.

A function room can range from a small meeting pod to a full-scale work lounge. Whatever the size, these communal areas can make your gatherings comfortable and productive. A fine example of one can be found in the Shang Grand Tower, which features high ceilings and elegant furniture.

Live exceptionally with great amenities

Overall, amenities are the gems of modern living.

Promoting wellness and holistic living, they are great investments because they allow you to pursue passions without having to travel far from home. The best kind of amenities are those that have been thoughtfully planned and built. More often than not, these are developed by established real estate companies such as Shang Properties Inc. (SPI).

If you want to have access to exceptional amenities, partner up with a premier developer like Shang Properties and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.