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All 15 Apr 2023

Attention to details makes all the difference

We can finally say with some confidence that 2023 is when Filipinos can start to get back on track with achieving their aspirations. The ongoing economic recovery, after all, comes with a sense of optimism for the future and a desire to get back the time lost to the challenges of the recent past.

One of these aspirations is finding the right home for you—perhaps, with a sprawling view of the metropolis, or a vista of green slopes, or powdery white sand and blue waters. But what often stops some from realizing their dreams is the seemingly inevitable need to make a choice between the benefits of the city and the amenity of relaxation that a resort or a far-off countryside offers. Luckily, one property developer just so happens to offer both.

Shang Properties Inc. (SPI) has a portfolio of projects offering the best of both worlds, ideal for those wanting modern urban conveniences in a more relaxing, resort-inspired setting. All its projects exemplify a unified vision, palpable sense of place, and attention to detail, translating to a level of quality and luxury that distinguishes its work from the rest.

How this is achieved can be boiled down to three things, all of which can be almost uniquely associated to Shang Properties.

SpaceAn aspect that can only be appreciated once you actually experience a place is the space provided to users. What you get in a Shang Properties development is not only enough space, but one that is comfortable and livable.

Space for the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms are all sized and dimensioned such that comfort and ease of movement are achieved. Equally important as the actual physical space is the perception of space, which is maximized via large glass windows to make the spaces appear even more substantial.

Crucially, space for circulation in Shang developments is more than well allocated with wide corridors and expansive communal areas where guests and residents can move about and breathe fresh air.

Thoughtful designCompounding the above is the way Shang Properties employs itself to achieve designs which not only create environments that leave an indelible mark on those who experience them, but also takes into account how users might make use of them.

Each space you enter is specifically crafted to give users a sense of high sophistication and superb taste, from open-air lounging areas amid lush vegetation to intimate nooks and warm-lit tables in dining rooms and lobbies. Ergonomics, efficiency, luxury, and comfort are likewise achieved in the individual residential units through proper placement of spaces, appliances, fixtures, and furniture for every activity.

All these create a harmonious flow in the development such that the business of living is made—if one chooses to indulge and if time allows—as smooth and carefree as possible.

Dedication to quality,

attention to detail

Readily apparent in all these is how Shang Properties leverages its expertise, via its sister and parent companies, in the hospitality industry to recreate hotel living in a residential setting.

What this means in terms of the users’ experience is providing a level of polish and luxury that are practically unheard of in most condominiums in the country. The lengths at which Shang Properties will go to in order to achieve a level of quality through the exacting implementation of these designs are reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship.

One signature of Shang Properties is the use of continuous glass curtain wall systems in its developments’ facades, which not only effects a distinctive aesthetic on the outside but also facilitates the visual opening up of the residential spaces . They also have a tangible effect on the function and integrity of the structures they cover as they more efficiently insulate them from the elements and stabilize their structure.

Another is in the selection of exquisite finishes and the management of the construction process. The laying down of utilities is done in such a way that it preserves the integrity and faithful realization of the architectural and interior designs without compromising the structure.

Present and future offerings

Future, ongoing and existing developments by Shang Properties continue to exemplify this unique value proposition based on near-unparalleled quality and luxury—evident in its developments in Quezon City, Pasig, Taguig, and Makati.

Haraya Residences will rise in Bridgetowne, one of the newest hubs in Metro Manila. Haraya sits exactly on the riverfront, with all residential units and the common areas below taking full advantage of riverside views. Its most novel feature is the integration of the loggia—a concept straight out of the mind of its Italian designer—which is essentially an outdoor living room or balcony that translates well into the local context.

Aurelia Residences, which looks to be among the most luxurious of its offerings, is located in Bonifacio Global City. It comes with views of expansive greens in the Manila Golf Club, Manila Polo Club, and Forbes Park, as well as amenities that exude comfort and opulence.

Finally, The Rise in Makati targets a more youthful demographic in tune with the recently burgeoning center of culture and the arts just north of the Makati CBD. It includes amenities that cater to people with an active and busy lifestyle, as well as a small mall at the base of the tower called The Assembly Grounds. This purpose-built, mixed-use development—a first for Shang’s high-profile projects—ensures that the millennials it hopes to serve would have full access both to the city and all the conveniences they might need to pursue their packed schedules.

With all these on the horizon, there is no shortage of opportunities for those who dare to aspire. Bring comfort and peace of mind into your life together with convenience and luxury.