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All 25 Jul 2023

Haraya Residences soon to grace Bridgetowne Estate

The luxury condominium market recently welcomed a new and noteworthy development in the form of Haraya Residences, a centerpiece project of upscale condominium developer Shang Robinsons Properties Inc. (SRPI), a joint venture of Shang Properties, Inc. and Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC).

Pitched as a “vertical gated village for the modern era”, the high-rise Haraya Residences will take pride of place in RLC’s 31-hectare district Bridgetowne Estate, located in Pasig City. Bridgetowne Estate is accessible from C-5, Amang Rodriguez Avenue, and Ortigas Avenue Extension.

Last February 15, SRPI launched the first of Haraya Residences’ two towers, the 57-storey, 558-unit South Tower, pending an announcement regarding the development’s North Tower. 

SRPI is aiming to complete Haraya Residences by 2028. It will join the offices and the high-end Opus mall, which are expected to open in Bridgetowne Estate later this year.


Sought-after luxury and innovation

Haraya in Filipino means ‘imagination’. In keeping with the spirit of its name, SRPI envisions new possibilities for homeowners and works to bring these about through introducing meaningful innovation and working to provide unparalleled comfort, freedom, and inspiration.

Haraya Residences will offer one-bedroom units (67 sq m), two-bedroom units (104-142 sq m), and three-bedroom units (187 sq m). Its format and overall offerings are in keeping with its mission. 

For instance, its one-bedroom units represent a reimagining of the usual layout of most one-bedroom apartments thanks to innovations such as flexible spaces and a loggia—a covered but open space showcasing columns or arches on its open side for enhanced style. And Haraya Residences, as a low-density residence, will have only ten units per floor as it seeks to prioritize the privacy of its residents and its overall exclusivity.

Additionally, in terms of amenities, Haraya Residences will prove to be quite competitive. The development will offer as much as 2,270 sq m of indoor amenities such as a lounge with skyline view, game room, playroom, private dining room, function rooms, library, movie room, and gym. It will also feature 2,500 sq m of outdoor amenities including swimming pools, open green spaces, and play areas.


Taking lifestyles to the next level

With Haraya Residences, SRPI is taking aim at yuppies or young urban professionals who have already achieved a modicum of success and who want to step up their lifestyles.

The average age of Filipinos nowadays is 25 years. This relative youth opens up considerable potentials and possibilities–someone of that age will be in the workforce for approximately four decades more. 

As these young Filipinos age, progress in their careers, and marry and raise families, their housing needs will grow and mature along with them as well. Yuppies who move out of their family homes may opt for simple homes at the outset, and as they get older, they aim to upgrade their living spaces. This market of upwardly mobile professionals that seeks to improve its lifestyle is the market that Haraya Residences seeks to appeal to.

That being said, Haraya Residences is aiming higher; it has a transformative goal all its own. It aims to transform normal urban living into something far more special and exclusive by becoming a landmark project that improves the way people live.